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How to find Wade House

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Wade House is located in the Merrion Centre near to the Arena Quarter of Leeds, the postcode is LS2 8NG.

The Merrion Centre is opposite the St Johns Centre on Merrion Street. The front entrance to the Merrion Centre is opposite the pedestrian crossing. Wade House is the multi storey office building above the Merrion Centre and the entrance to Wade House is inside.

Go into the Merrion Centre and you’ll find the stairs up to Wade House located in the middle of the shopping centre, just opposite the retailer BrightHouse.

Go up the stairs and into the reception, here you will see three lifts just after the reception desk.

StepChange Debt Charity is on floors 1 to 11 of Wade House and we share the building with Blacks Solicitors and the NHS.

There are escalators and lifts available in the Merrion Centre if you are unable to use the stairs.

If you're attending an interview at Wade House please refer to the details on your interview confirmation email to understand which floor you should report to for your interview.

Find this on Google Maps.

Wade House

Merrion Centre with Wade House above

Wade House 2

Stairs up to Wade House inside Merrion Centre

Wade House 3

Entrance to Wade House

Wade House 4

Back entrance of the Merrion Centre

Our address

StepChange Debt Charity

Floors 1-11

Wade House

Merrion Centre



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